Thursday, March 15, 2007

Thursday Thanks Tank

Here is this week's Peachy-inspired reminder of thankfulness...(and a congrats to her for reaching her 52nd TTT and one year of mindful thanksgiving! Wa-hoo, girl! Keep it up!)

1. Silence - I know I've said it before but is there anything better than dual naps?!

2. Hot showers - what else can wash away nearly every toddler-conceived conspiracy to making a mom crazy and/or lose sleep? LOL

3. Dairy Queen gift certificates - Received $20 worth for my birthday and enjoying every dollar of 'em!

4. Reading - a "luxury" with two little ones that I'm slowly returning to.

5. Super cool in-laws - Da Hubby's family has really made me one of their own. And, they treat Flicka and Pojke like their own as well. The gifts for Flicka's birthday are still trickling in. I'm incredibly grateful for these folks who look after my kids and I when they are not "required" to do so! LOL

6. A cool secret sister - after a disappointing first year of participation in my church's S.S. program, I'm overjoyed to have one this time around that remembered my birthday and gave me a cute tote bag, my first Beth Moore book, a book light, and bag of trail mix!

(Side note: I just noticed that these first six are all things to pamper ME and my ME time! Coincidence? LOL)

7. Sunshine, glorious sunshine! FINALLY Michigan receives some mild weather. It only lasted 2-3 days and it's back to 30-40 degree temps but GOOD GOD ALMIGHTY bring on Spring because I'm ready!

8. My long-time girlfriends who live too far away - I can pick up a phone, call, just to hear their voice (or even to ask a favor) and it's like we've never missed a day. I miss Lisa (30+ years), Shelagh (10+ years), and Jill (15+ years) 'til my heart hurts but know that they will always be there at the other end of the phone if I call.

9. My pastor and his wife - nothing can describe how honored I am to be part of their ministry with our local Body. Both of them inspire me to higher living and greater deeds for God. Pastor Debbie was present at Flicka's and at Pojke's birth, praying over me in my greatest pain and over them as my miracles entered this world. They make me feel humbled and honored to be one of God's children.

10. As always - Da Hubby. My "other" strong tower amid the world's craziness. Don't know how I'd function without him. Don't plan on finding out! *wink*


Peach said...


Loved this list. I have wonderful inlaws, too, and am quite grateful for them.

Yahoo for the sunshine. Having been from OH, I know the lack of sunshine can get old real quick-like.

Thanks again for sharing your thanks. I know it encourages me. Now I sneak over several times a week to check on you and your sweet family. Praying for you.

Denise said...

Great thankful list.

Unashamed said...

So much to be thankful for - big and small. Sometimes whittling down the list to a handful is pretty darn hard to do. What does Madame Blueberry say? "A grateful heart is a happy heart"...something like that. (Been a few years since I've seen that one...)

lady of value said...

Hey Beth, great thankful list!! Have a great weekend!!