Friday, March 16, 2007

Have You Seen This Yet?

As one who is always interested in a bargain, I was poking around online and found a site with pretty good coupon codes. Have you checked out yet? I found it through my Payperpost account. I’m not much of a shopper right now due to some strained finances but some of these deals are too good not to pass along. I actually found good coupon codes through a link to a great $5 kids' sale at Family Christian Bookstores. Unfortunately, the sale ends tomorrow so there isn't a wide selection remaining but for anyone interested in some $5 Christian DVD's, CD's and other stuff, go check it out!

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Laurel Wreath said...

Goodness girl did God just plant you to encourage me! What a day I have had, had new carpet laid, and painted my living room like a mad woman before I moved the furniture back in (it is basketball play offs and hubby will get tons ancy if he misses them because the TV is not plugged in). Anyways, then I get the comment you left me on my blog and you melted me in a little puddle!! Goodness, what a great way to enter my weekend.

Have a great weekend.

PS thanks for the link in this post, very cool. =)))