Monday, December 11, 2006

Monday Morning Bleary Eyed

...with a LLOONNGG list of things to do!

I feel a bit of a disclaimer, warning, justification, explanation is in order for this week! Particularly since I awoke at 5:30am with Da Hubby to do some studying in peace before the Vikings get up.

I have a final on Friday which will require (since it is a "study at home at your own pace" classw here I have as of now done NONE of the work for this unit) reading 6 chapters, watching 6 30-minute videos, memorizing 20 vocab definitions and writing 3 "mini-essays" before Friday while balancing kids, family life, and Christmas preparations. Friday at noon is my final. After which, I will be traveling across the state to enjoy my family's Christmas celebrations for the weekend. Did I mention I haven't started Christmas shopping yet? LOL

And, would it now go without saying that I hope y'all aren't TOO disappointed if I'm not able to deposit quality, long-winded, lengthily-studied for entries this week? LOL And, while I'm anxious to see what the Lord has for me in that Scripture I posted last week, my hopefully fruitful, eventual "revelations" may be delayed in being published!

I will be around for quick study breaks and occasional commenting. Promise. And, I'm too "blog-addicted" to not browse through my links that see what you all are up to this week. But, I didn't want anyone to think I'd fallen of the planet temporarily! :)

The "curse" of ADD - procrastination and disorganization for large projects would be a BIG problem around the holidays! LOL Ya think!?

God's blessings on everyone's preparations!


shortybear said...

I will be very much praying for you this week, may God bless you with extra strength.

Lisa Diane said...

Procrastination and disorganization? I excel in both...

:-) You have company, my friend!!