Thursday, December 21, 2006

Family Advent Calendar Confession

Well, the last I checked in with you all in was December 11th. That leaves 10 days to be accounted for since! LOL Well....between finals and holiday preparations, I've let this year's project fall by the wayside a bit. Not that we've lost the holiday cheer but organization (once again) has become my enemy! LOL

We still got several of the things we scheduled done but just not one a day: our family party, watching Christmas movies in the van on the way home from SE Michigan, making Christmas cookies, and making hot chocolate mix.

Things we "skipped" but would still like to do: go see "The Nativity", a night drive to see Christmas lights, and taking cookies and hot chocolate mix to the neighbors.

Things learned: the local area concerts we thought we'd take the kids to this year were not free nor family-friendly...they were the dress-up, night-out, baby-sitter-needed, pay-for-tickets types of concerts. So, note to self for next year.

I think the remaining four days are pretty much taken care of:

Today: make another batch or two of cookies, and then make up the cookie trays and hot chocolate packets for the neighbors

Friday: a trip to our local Nature Center that has the area dressed up with lights for a walking tour;

Saturday: maybe that night drive with the kids or "The Nativity" with Da Hubby

Sunday: we have our copy of "Night Before Christmas"and new PJ's for everyone washed and ready to go!

We're getting excited here! Merry Christmas to all! And God's blessings on the remainder of your preparations and your resulting celebrations!


shortybear said...

Bless your family at Christmas, and always sweet friend.

Lisa said...

I think that you did a fabulous job! We are hoping to see the Nativity Story on Saturday. Have you heard whether or not it's kid friendly enough to bring Wyatt? (He's almost 10- wow, that's weird to say! )LOL!

Beth said...

No, I haven't heard but try this:

Maybe that will help. There seems to be a TON of info there. Good luck!

Lisa said...

Thanks! I'll check it out!

Unashamed said...

I do not see "the ceremonial eating of the box of chocolates that was bought for Christmas but inevitable gets eaten long before" on your list of Advent activities.

Or is my family the only one who does that?

Beth said...

Anita - no, no chocolates here but all the Cmas cookies we were gonna plate up and take to the neighbors are gone! LOL