Friday, December 1, 2006

Glitter Revelation

Feeling a little down today. Having a little “long-distance sight” problem. Having trouble believing that the mundane, small things I do every day with and around my children are really making a difference.

I chose to stay home, putting on hold (or, to be more honest, giving up) a career I worked hard to achieve after 12 years of “single-hood” and 5 years of infertility struggles. And, it’s not that I regret the decision. I fully believe in the “mission field” of my home as described by Everyday Mommy. But, it’s just that all my days just are starting to look so much alike. And, while the ADD part of me thrives under a schedule so that all gets done and nothing’s forgotten, the creative and fun part of me is often sighing and sinking deeper inside.

However, I just had one of those “ah-ha” moments while in the basement rotating laundry loads. Da Hubby and Viking #1 nightly trot off into the basement post-bath time as I nurse #2 to sleep. Daddy “putzes” around – snuggling his girl, watching TV with her, or cleaning up. A few nights ago, Da Hubby warned me that while downstairs, she had found some glitter in my ill-secured crafty supplies. Today, as I looked around the basement, it was everywhere. And, I mean everywhere. But, in that flash of revelation, it came to me.

There were more sparkles where she had spent the most time the last few nights. She had a couple centralized “piles” but from walking, playing, etc. they had been spread throughout the basement. It was easy to track where she had been. Some had clung to her even as she came upstairs. That’s similar to the things I do each day.

Each moment spent reading, playing, talking, preparing meals, even cleaning up is leaving my sparkles on these two little miracles. And, while I don’t know where all these sparkles will end up or even if they will make a difference, when they are grown they will (hopefully) glitter with the love of Da Hubby and I but more importantly with the love of Christ that we should exemplify. Our efforts, no matter how small or apparently trivial, will hopefully cling to them long after these times. And, maybe then I will be able to see how far my “reach” really is!


shortybear said...

Bless your heart sweet friend, this was beautifully said. Those sparkles that you are sprinkling all over your children everyday are so precious, and are helping them to be the sparkling diamonds of Gods eye. I love you my friend.

sara said...

well thought and well said

Debbie said...

Awwwwwwww..... is all I can add to that.

Unashamed said...

YOU sparkle too, btw. You shine in the light of God's glory!