Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Tuesday Morning Tired

Well, it IS Tuesday, right? Technically. Since it is 1am. *sigh*

The good news? I got three chapters read somehow yesterday plus we had time for a play group.

The bad news? I'm up at 1am with sick babies. Both Vikings have colds again. *sigh* So, Momma's doing the humidify-hydrate-humidify-hydrate, middle-of-the-night shuffle. How do you moms with more than 2 DO this? When they're all coughing, hacking, and crying for you at the same time??
The ironic twist? Da Hubby and I agreed that after the first of the year we'd start talking about whether or not to start working on #3! LOL Maybe God only meant for us to have two...but is that me or Him talking? ;)

Sweet dreams to all...zzzzzzz


shortybear said...

Praying that your sweet babies feel better very soon, hope you can get some rest sweety.

BrideOfChrist said...

Also praying for your little vikings :)

Lisa Diane said...

Oh no! Not again!! I will be praying for good health and a good night's rest for all of you!