Sunday, December 10, 2006

Weekend wrap-up

Well, we got a little off track this weekend but so it goes with small kids! LOL Both kids had sniffles and such during the week. My littlest was also battling laryngitis, a slight ear infection, and a budding tooth. Then, the low-grade fevers hit both of them late Friday! *sigh* So, our family advent calendar activities for the weekend got rearranged a bit. No trekking out Friday night to a local historical site all dressed up for the holidays.

Unfortunately, we had a Christmas get-together (our Saturday activity) scheduled for last night
with two other couples and their kids. But, once we notified them of our kids' snifflies, both moms said "yea, so?" and everyone came over anyway. We had a blast! Six adults and 5 kids under five! Yikes! LOL The girls (Viking #2 was the only boy) made individual pizzas then the grown-ups had soups, sandwiches, noodle and potato salads, and a TON of desserts graciously provided by our guests. Awesome fellowship! And, other than some teething crankiness from Viking #2, the girls got along great!

Today Da Hubby and I decided to keep the kids home and out of the toddlers' room at church so the Vikings and I are coloring Christmas printables for Da Grandma and Da Papa who will be here with Da Hubby for lunch when church is over around 12:30pm. Then, later today, we'll make green and red Rice Crispie treats for tonight's dessert

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shortybear said...

So glad that the kids had a good time, as well as the adults.