Saturday, December 2, 2006

Weekend Tweaking of Template

Was incredibly busy today - was up part of the night with #2 and his running nose and cough, breakfast out with the family this morning, running errands, cleaning the house, putting up the Christmas tree, making lunch, doing some more "to-do's" while chasing kids, making dinner, more "to-do's" and more chasing, bedtimes, and then doodling on the PC.

From after dinner until the kids' bedtimes, Da Hubby was trying like crazy to make a beautiful, incredible picture he took (I'm just a little biased) at one of our favorite places in Northern Michigan my new banner. We found it to be a problem between Blogger and IE7, and he solved the problem with Firefox. Then, I just spent the last hour trying to "tweak" some colors. It's still a work in progress (if there are two colors I can't stand it's gray and beige! LOL) but I just wanted to say "Da Hubby ROCKS!" Thanks, babe! You da man! XOXO


shortybear said...

Your husband did a great job, that banner is very beautiful my friend.

Lisa Diane said...

Looking great!!! Way to go you two!!!

Lisa Diane said...

BTW, what's haggis? :-)

Beth said...

LOL - once I tell you, you'll probably not talk to me again! LOL

At least my family used ground veal and/or pork instead of "pluck"! LOL But we still had "bashed neeps and champed tatties" as my grandma would say! ;)