Thursday, December 14, 2006

Thoroughly Worn-Out Thursday

13 hours sleep in the last three days.
Uncooperative kids.
All six chapters read.
One of 3 essays written.
20 vocab definitions left to memorize.
Test in 3.5 hours.

Have to finish laundry, wrap 6 gifts, and pack the four of us so we can leave for my family's holiday celebrations in 24 hours. As Da Hubby and I said during that "mommy hazing" stage each time we brought a baby home: "Sleep is overrated!"

I probably will not post 'til Monday when we get home. Everyone have a wonderful weekend!


shortybear said...

Will be very much praying for you sweety. I pray that the test goes well, that you are able to get more rest, and that you enjoy your family celebrations. Be safe, blessings to you.

Debbie said...

LOL.... and so it begins! Have a wonderful time and enjoy! Maybe you can get some rest with the grandparents around. We will miss you! Much love to you.

Lisa Diane said...

Have a wonderful Christmas celebration with your family and I am praying for you to get some sleep!! Those non-sleep jags are tough!! We'll "see" you when you get home!!