Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Thirty Years of Friendship

While I could spend hours, days, weeks describing all she means to me, my "bestest" friend of thirty years sent me this yesterday along with my Girl Scout cookie order and Christmas gifts for my kids. She said it made her think of me. Well, it 's my wish for her as well. Lisa, sweetie, I love ya! So lucky to have you!

The Sweetest of Nights and the Finest of Days
by Judith Viorst

I wish you, I wish you
I wish you these wishes:
Cool drinks in your glasses.
Warm food in your dishes.
People to nourish and cherish and love you.
A lamp in the window to light your way home in the haze.
I wish you the sweetest of nights
And the finest of days.

I wish you, I wish you
A talent for living.
Delight in the getting.
Delight in the giving.
A song in your soul, and someone to hear it.
The wisdom to find the right path when you're lost in a maze.
I wish you the sweetest of nights
And the finest of days.

A snug roof above you.
A strong self inside you
The courage to go where you know you must go,
And a good heart to guide you.
And good friends beside you.

I wish you, I wish you
A dream worth the doing.
And fortune's face smiling
On all you're pursuing.
And pleasures that far far
Outweigh your small sorrows.
Arms wide to embrace your tomorrows.
A long sunlit sail on the bluest and smoothest of bays.
I wish you the sweetest of nights
And the finest of days.


shortybear said...

This is so sweet, friends are such precious gifts from God.

Lisa said...

Those "lifetime" friends are such a blessing! What a great poem! BTW, how's everyone feeling in the Viking household? No more runny noses, I hope!

Beth said...

For a (presumably) short, sweet, delicious moment, everyone is healthy! LOL

Viking #2 finished his second go-round with antibiotics for a double ear infection yesterday. So, the only one taking anything OTC or prescribed is #2 and his hydrocortisone for his eczema! Thanks for asking! We're hoping it lasts through the weekend! ;)