Friday, September 28, 2007

What did we do before... photography? LOL

Of course I have photos from my family going back 60+ years. And, I have black and white photos taken with my first camera when I was about 8. And, I took many, many, MANY photos with my little 35mm camera during high school, college, and beyond.

But, now as a parent, can I *really* be all that shocked by MSNBC's claim earlier this month that kids now are the most documented generation EVER!? LOL

DaHubby and I often moan when one (or both) of the Vikings do something particularly cute that we don't have a digital video camera. If it was up to him and money wasn't an issue, we'd have a camera that did every but wash my dishes! LOL

So, we document e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g with our little digital camera...not wanting to miss a thing.

I had my little 35mm the weekend DaHubby and I met...and I "snuck" a pic of him to take home with me! LOL Then, more pics at our wedding, of course, a year later. We took a ton of pictures on our multi-hour drive to Ohio to pick up our brand new Corgi puppy from the breeder in 2001. Vacations. Holidays. And, the ever-present beautiful vistas which come with living in a town on the shores of Lake Michigan.

But, since the Vikings have's become an almost uncontrollable thing! LOL On our recent trip to northern Michigan, the digital camera record photo #9575! That's nearly TEN THOUSAND pics in the last 4 years! LOL

No wonder MSNBC claims parents are drowning in photos! *wink*

Thus, the rise in the market of scrapbooking and its accompanying supplies. Creative Memories. Close To My Heart. Businesses who business is helping us DO something with all those pics! I'm a minor victim or that as well. LOL Then, the creation of online scrapbooking - which I haven't tried just yet!

But, I did stumble onto a website via PayPerPost that might stir some creativity in those who DO online scrapbook. Ritz Camera is a name I recognize from around here - they have stores locally as well as where my family is in the Detroit area. What I didn't know is that they maintain a page full of scrapbook page ideas.

So, for those of you drowning in photos like I am, there's another resource to give us a reason to put off housework for a few more minutes! LOL Enjoy!

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Lady of Value said...

Hey Beth! Did you know QVC and HSN have boo-coos of scrapbook kits and things? They are all price ranges, but I got a kit several years ago that was $25 for a 1,000 piece set. Check out and

I love scrapbooking, but haven't had too much time to do it. I need to sort my pics first, they are all...kinda...thrown in a box!!