Monday, September 10, 2007

Another day of homeschoolin'...

Well, today was Flicka's "day two"of homeschool. We're doing about an hour each Monday and Thursday mostly during Pojke's afternoon nap.

I gave Flicka the choice of getting up early or doing school in the afternoon today - and she chose later. I had some concerns doing it in the afternoon following a busy morning filled with a MOMS Club meeting, an hour worth of errands, and lunch. And, to make matters more complicated, Pojke broke our routine by falling asleep in the van during those errands about 11:30 before he'd had his lunch. *sigh* So, by the time Flicka and I ate lunch, got into our classroom, and did our lesson for the day, it was 1:30pm. Just in time for Pojke to wake up...*really* hungry.

Now, that may not seem like a problem on the surface but in a household where Momma relies on at least an hour of uninterrupted "down time" while Vikings rest or sleep - this was NOT what I wanted. But, we slugged through the rest of the afternoon without TOO many problems.

So, we did our memory verse. I'm learning (again and again and again *wink*) that repetition here for a pre-reader is key! LOL

Then, I read a story about manners by D.W of "Authur"/PBS fame while Flicka practiced her A's (for Aurthur) and 1's with her new "big girl school pencils."

We next introduced the idea of the five senses by listening to 5-6 different CD's, smelling 5-6 things Momma pulled out of the cooking cabinet, touching different textures in the basement via crayon rubbings, and then...Flicka's favorite...we read "Little Blue Little Yellow" and played with the watercolors making a huge (but fun) painting mess.

After cleaning up, we read "Ask Mr. Bear" about Danny's search for a perfect birthday gift for his mom and then filled out a birthday cake with five candles printable . Above each candle, I wrote on of the senses and Flicka had to tell me something she would see, hear, taste, touch, and smell at a birthday party. I wrote those down vertically on the candles and then she colored the cake with her brand new school-only markers! *big smile*

It was a good day! I hope she is enjoying this as much as I am! LOL

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Dina said...

that sounds great.. yesterday (well almost everyday) my children like to do watercolour painting too and yesterday was one of the biggest mess ever!! Mind you they were having great fun and me mmmm well I did not have the courage to stop them and then I did not have the courage to clean up neither hahaha! .... but of course i did with hubby's help.