Monday, September 17, 2007

Checking In...

First of all, everything is fine. Just busy. It would seem the devil has decided to throw a bunch of little stumbling blocks in my way to increase my stress which would normally result in me breaking my fast. Rest assured - that rotten ol' devil hasn't won! LOL

It's been one thing after another from the first day of the fast. "Lost" things. "Missing" paperwork. Debit card not working with a long line behind me at the grocery store. Wasted time as it seemed every single thing that could go wrong DID. DaHubby needed emergency dental work....expensive. Then, found out today he has to go back. A procedure wasn't completed correctly.*sigh* Pojke hasn't eaten in four days and is producing "watery" diapers. He's hydrated. No fever. No change in behavior or sleep but still not eating. We have an appointment morning. One bright spot: my mom and step-dad came by for a visit last Saturday and spoiled the Vikings rotten for a few hours.

Trying to maintain a regular schedule...homeschool, play dates, daily chores, bills, groceries, etc. Blogging has got pushed down the list. I have a long list of blog-pending activities (book reviews, original stuff, thoughts and experiences with the fast, etc.) and I'll get to them as I can. I'd appreciate your prayers. I'll talk to ya' all soon! Promise!


Anonymous said...

Oh, ((Big Hugs)) You are doing so well. I can't tell you how many times I have caved during a fast under pressure. I am looking forward to your upcoming entries once you have the time. Have a wonderful evening!!

Lady of Value said...

Wow Beth! You are a very busy mom. Thanks for the good wishes over at my place. I am praying for you as well.