Thursday, September 6, 2007

The "Before" Shots! LOL

We're just about to head downstairs to our "new" "school room". At only two weeks post-flooding - it isn't quite what I wanted but will do in a pinch! LOL It's only half the room I wanted since I could only get a few carpet pieces to cover up the sticky post-carpet-pull-up concrete. My old dresser and some file cabinets break the room in two.
Our "work aprons" on the doorknob. We'll only wear them in school for our "uniform" for now. That's a piece of $10 bathroom wall board on the left that we're using for a whiteboard.

My childhood bookcase...*sniff, sniff* never thought I'd be using it for THIS! LOL

Don't ya LOVE the look of all new school supplies?

Pray...LOTS (LOL)...and we'll ck in later with a report!

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