Tuesday, September 4, 2007

WFMW: Brand Loyal Edition

Well, uh...we don't really "do" brand names much. LOL I'm big into Aldis, off brands, and generics as well as making things on my own like baby wipes!

However, DaHubby does request certain things in their brand name form: Breyers ice cream, Kraft cheese slices, and Dannon yogurts are his favorites. In addition, his "brand delicate sensitivities" has created a certain Kraft habit in the Vikings.

Apparently, (to my mother's homemade-isn't-that-hard-and-you-let-them-EAT-that-stuff? chagrin) no one in this home can eat ANY other boxed mac and cheese but Kraft Macaroni and Cheese...and not JUST the original but the "premium thick and creamy"! *wink*

So, I guess that's about as brand loyal as I get! LOL For more brand loyal recommendations, go to Shannon's site.


Unashamed said...

There are certain things that we are brand loyal to - KD is one of them (Kraft mac & cheese is known as Kraft Dinner or "KD" in our area). Also Heinz ketchup. I won't use anything else. Oh, also my husband won't use anything other than Charmin on his wittle tushie. (TMI??) Other than that I pretty much buy whatever's cheapest.

Lisa said...

Hello! Oh we have this loyalty thing at our house too! Hubby and son HAVE to have only Nestle's Chocolate Chips in their cookies, no store brand for them! I'm the Kraft Mac and Cheese stickler in our home, however! Hunt's ketchup, Best Foods (aka Heman's) Mayo and "real" Cheerios too. Oh, we're terrible... LOL!!


JennaG said...

Yes, we are Kraft mac n cheese people too. I'm not brand loyal--just cheapest loyal--except when it comes to my Coca-Cola!

Kathy in WA said...

This is a very sore subject in our household. :) I tried hard to move the family over to Annie's organic mac and cheese (it was the same price as Kraft at Costco last month). I prepared it as directed, I fixed it with extra butter, I even used half and half as part of the sauce.

They HATED IT!! They begged and pleaded and whined and fussed until I relented and went back to that beloved blue box of Kraft Mac & Cheese.

oh well, fight the fights you can win, I guess. I did get them off Jif peanut butter and on to the healthy stuff so that's one in my court. Ha!

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