Thursday, September 20, 2007

Good grief! The "bad" news first...

And, it just keeps coming...LOL (I will not break my fast, I will not break my fast, I will not break my fast....but I'm *really* wanting a gallon of chocolate almond ice cream, several 2 liters of CAFFEINATED soda, and a big, fat, HAMBURGER! LOL A stress eater? Who me? *wink*)

OK, let's see...

Pojke is on day SEVEN of a "mystery virus" which includes not eating (well, eating less than 1/4 - 1/2 cup of food a day for the past six days) and "watery diapers" (to put it nicely). He's hydrated fine, no behavior changes, no fever, no sleep problems, nothing. He's lost 1-2 pounds but since he was so...ahem...sturdy to begin with (LOL), the pediatrician isn't too worried yet. The doc as well as his parents are stumped. Plus, the wonderful experience of collecting a stool sample from a toddler in diapers with di****ea is just one of those mommy rights of passage that I could have missed and been fine! LOL We're hoping the test results come in today.

Flicka started complaining about her ear yesterday...and we'll be heading to the ped this morning sometime. Even thought she had trouble getting to sleep (she finally went down around 11:30pm), at least she slept through the night.

Oh, did I mention Flicka and I are scheduled to leave for a 5-6 hours drive upstate to visit my best friend of 30+ years and her two girls tomorrow! *rolls eyes*

And, the church newsletter, which I design and edit, is due next week. And, nearly all the submissions came in yesterday - five days after deadline. *sigh*

DaHubby's got issues at work: work hours cut but out-of-pocket insurance costs going up $50/week.

Property taxes due this week...and we could only pay half.

I just want the devil to take notice...I AM NOT BREAKING THIS FAST! We had the choice of a 10 or 21 day fast. I was considering breaking it today (it's day 11) but I hadn't been able to determine if that's what God's will was.

But, after all this stress and after Pastor Don's AWESOME midweek message last night, my stubborn streak is coming out! LOL I'm going for the 21 days! The devil won't win and Pastor encouraged me and reminded me that great things are coming!

God will provide. He will bless those who obey. He will strengthen my faith. I will not worry...too much! *wink*

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GiBee said...

The enemy does not want us to succeed... he wants us to cave in to pressure... YOU GO GIRL!!! You are standing firm and trusting that God will take care of you.

God will provide ... He will reward ... and most important ... You can do it!!!