Thursday, September 13, 2007

Yikes! Today's Morning Schedule

Busy, busy, woke up with no internet connection initially. At least THAT'S working now! LOL

8:00am - Vikings' breakfast
8:30 - 9:30am Homeschooling
10am-11:30am my 1st visit to new chiropractor
12:30pm - 2pm Flicka's swim lesson + travel time

Not like I had anything else *I* wanted to get done today (LOL) 3 pending posts, 3 phone calls, about an hour of misc computer work, and another hour of housework. Oh, and I have some prep to do for dinner! *wink*

Just wanted to let those of you who have emailed and asked, the fast is going well. Already seeing results. Had an amazing church leadership meeting and service last night.

Thinking of you all...

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Lisa said...

Hello my busy friend! Love the Wordless Wednesday photo! What a cute shot!! Hope it went well at the chiropractor today and glad to hear the fast is going well!