Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Pass The Torch Tuesday

Pojke might be better. LOL He FINALLY ate some dinner last night so we're waiting to see how that "comes out." I REALLY need to be prepping the grocery list for today but wanted to share this one moment from the past week...

We finished story time at the library last week about the time DaHubby would be getting ready for his lunch break at work. I had sent him to work with extra money in his pocket and - knowing him like I do - figured he'd be going to McDonalds. The library is near his "work McDonalds" plus it has a large playscape outside. So, the Vikings and I decided to surprise him.

So, as we waited for Daddy, the Vikings climbed and played and chased birds looking for throwaway fries. This playscape was designed for kids a little bigger than Pojke and, while he has no problem at the inside playscape at our "home McDonalds", he was strugglin' to get through the first level of obstacles to follow Flicka.

And, after what seems like weeks and weeks and months and months of sibling squabbling lately, it blessed my momma-heart more than you know to hear the following as Flicka turned back to a increasingly frustrated Pojke:

"Come on, little man, you can do it...you're almost there...come on...yea! You did it!"

She sounded just like me. *sniff, sniff*

Too bad Daddy went to the Burger King across the street - never knowing we were over there 'til he arrived back at work! LOL

Pop over to Kelly's blog today to check out other this week's PTT moments. And, as a side note, I'm incredibly flattered that Kelly picked an old PTT post of mine as one of her PTT highlights today! *blush* I should be thanking her for reminding me to focus more on the "legacy moments" than my to-do list. Now, I'm doubly blessed and tickled.


Kelly - PTT said...

Awwww - My eyes got all welled-up reading her sweet encouragement. Enough to warm the heart all over, isn't it??

Thanks so much for joining us again for PTT!

Dina said...

that's so sweet , when the big sister encourages the little sibling!!