Thursday, September 6, 2007


Kelly at Pass the Torch has been asking moms to consider what their school year resolutions are for the 07-08 calendar. As a rookie, first-time homeschooler, the list of things to keep track of and/or accomplish between now and next summer seems exhausting. But, I'm submitting the following seven for Kelly's carnival.

1. To remember that this is a win-win situation! At this level, it is inexpensive; and how bad can I screw it up since she'll still learn her letters, colors, and numbers whether we do this or not (LOL); and we get to try this out to see if it'll work for us in the long term before any state requirements, scope and sequence, curriculum, lesson plans, etc become "required".

2. That I want her to LIKE school (or better yet to like learning) whether under my direction or someone else's.

3. To remember that I am blessed that God led me (and I eventually, finally followed) to become a certified teacher which gives me more confidence (and more reasons) to stand up for our decision to homeschool.

4. That we'll increase "school time" from 1-2 hrs/week to 4-6 hrs/week by spring.

5. That she'll engrave God's word on her heart through our memorization.

6. That our "girls only" school time will build a stronger bond between us

7. To remember that the journey is the point and not how much of the lesson plan gets done or not.

Stop by Kelly's carnival and see what other things various moms will be accomplishing this year!


Kelly - PTT said...

What a great list of resolutions! I think they're excellent. And they're very specific, too, which makes them more measureable. Good for you - and thank you for joining us!

Mert said...

Great resolutions! I love that you are excited about having "girls only" school, that will be something she will remember for always. :D