Thursday, September 6, 2007

Thursday Thanks Tank

A little different twist...again.

Well, I'm thinking that the Daniel fast and church-wide Scripture reading program that my church is beginning next Monday until September 30th will include me giving up sweets.

And, since the thought of giving up the following makes me break out in a small sweat and in serious need of anti-anxiety meds, and since I'm a confirmed emotional eater - just ask the 40 remaining pounds that I gained since getting married and havin' the Vikings - I'm listing the sweets I'm most thankful for but will not be eating those three weeks.

1. DaHubby's Little Debbie's Swiss rolls. Often his work lunch is bereft of a dessert because my emotional panic/stress on the occasional mid-afternoon "brain lock" is somehow miraculously improved by one of these.

2. The Vikings' candy from DaGrandparents. *sigh* I admit it...but I only eat it for their benefit, right?*wink*

3. Ice cream! *sigh* From the grocery store. From Walgreen's. From Dairy Queen. From Kilwin's. Doesn't matter I'm not picky. But, did you try DQ's Kit-Kat Blizzard last month?

4. Candy. My most popular, immediate craving is generally for chocolate. Anything that available. Enough said.

5. Cookies. DaGrandparents are my enablers here too! LOL They either bring them over when we have them here for dinner or they have a L-A-R-G-E stash at their house from visitors!

The fact I'm able to wax so philosophically about sugary goodnesses is probably the Lord's "nudge" that I'm using too many of these things to "medicate" my stress instead of turning to Him.

So, this is my first Daniel Fast. I'm hoping to "do it right" and follow the Lord's lead. I want to be obedient. While DaGrandpa argues otherwise, my "church grandma" and godly woman mentor assures me that while obedience is always better than sacrifice, any sacrifice is what the Lord is looking for.

I am not trying to turn the Lord's eyes or ears in my direction by my lofty sacrifice. It's not meant to be a "works" thing or an if -->then thing (IF I fast, THEN the Lord will do X). And, my mentor says I may find by day two or three that the Lord leads me in another direction but this will be where I start.

Since this is a little out of the format of Thankful Thursday and Thursday Thanks Tank, I won't be listing my post with them but definitely stop by and see what others are thankful for this week.

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peach said...

I'll be praying for you, Beth. May God honor your obedience and show you tangible results in a way that is unmistakably Him.