Sunday, August 23, 2009

Safe Travel

If you read this Sunday before noon, DaHubby, the Vikings and I will most likely be en route from Alpena to the Upper Peninsula. Prior to leaving, I scanned my concordance for Bible passages about safe travel and found none that fit my mood.

Then, I searched the net and stumbled across this. I don't know who to attribute it to (I found the same prayer on a Greek Orthodox site) but it's *just right* and exactly what I was looking for. Wanted to share it:

Lord Jesus Christ my God, be my Companion, guide and protector during my journey. Keep me from all danger, misfortune and temptation. By Your divine power grant me a peaceful and successful journey and safe arrival. In You I place my hope and trust and You I praise, honor and glorify, together with Your Father and Holy Spirit now and forever and ever. Amen.

Lord Jesus, You traveled with the two disciples after the resurrection and set their hearts on fire with Your grace. Travel also with me and gladden my heart with Your presence. I know, Lord, that I am a pilgrim on this earth, seeking the citizenship which is in heaven. During my journey surround me with Your holy angels and keep me safe from seen and unseen dangers. Grant that I may carry out my plans and fulfill my expectations according to Your will. Help me to see the beauty of creation and to comprehend the wonder of Your truth in all things. For You are the way, the truth and the life, and to You I give thanks, praise and glory forever. Amen

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