Monday, August 24, 2009

Changing Personalities

Something's been bugging me lately. I seem to have gone from an extrovert to more of an introvert.

Everyone has been taking those Myers Briggs personality tests lately on Facebook. I'm not saying that those particular ones are the most reliable tests around but those that I've taken recently seem to suggest that I'm now scoring at the opposite end of the spectrum than I used to.

I don't know why this bugs me so much. I first noticed after DaHubby and I got married. I used to be the one at every party talking loud, making a scene, and gathering attention. But, now I'm mostly uncomfortable in situations like that. I'm more aware now through my reading and research about my ADD social awkwardness and tendency to blurt out whatever is rattling around in my head at the time. But, I'm more than happy now to stay outta the limelight and let DaHubby be the social butterfly. And, oddly enough, nowadays I'm more direct and more comfortable being up-front yet have more trouble making friends than I used to.

I've worked in customer service/civil service type jobs most of my life - today the thought of returning to those situations stresses me out to no end. Too much conflict, negotiating, distractions, etc. Sometimes it's hard for me to imagine I ever worked in law enforcement. LOL

I'm pretty much still self-centered and get self-absorbed dealing with my distractions and work each day...well, I'm just bein' real. But, the skills I've garnered in the last 10 years seem to have completely changed how I am scored in those personality tests.

One constant - though I'm not surprised - is my teaching. Every gifting evaluation, every test, every quiz points to my love of teaching. I've consistently scored in that area/skill set since I was young and can remember saying obnoxiously "there's NO WAY I'll EVER be a teacher!" LOL

So, is this just the maturation process? The self-awareness process? It worries me that I may have been "acting" all those years. Was THAT the "real me" or is THIS the "real me"?

While I'm working my tail off harder than I EVER imagined I would be raising the Vikings, I'm happier and more content and feel more myself now than ever.

That's a good sign, right? LOL


sara said...

it doesn't matter as long as you're growing and going where He wants.

Christina said...

I would say that if you are more content than ever and happy with who you are, then you are exactly as you should be.

We all grow and change and hopefully learn from our experiences.