Thursday, August 13, 2009

Thursday Thanks Tank

Better late than has been one of those days. LOL

Today I am thankful that... family member who had major surgery Monday is home, in her own bed, and (as far they can tell during the operation) now cancer-free!!!


...I live where I do. Lately, I'm just falling in love with my new hometown all over again.

...I ran into a few friends from my high school years at an event in my original hometown last weekend.

...for safe travel to and from the Detroit area last weekend despite some awful weather and some questionable drivers. LOL

and...for the Vikings good health. There have been so many sick kids being prayed for on the blogs, on Twitter, and on Facebook that I am so thankful the Vikings have never been to ER or the hospital (other than their births) and have been to the pediatrician primarily for well checks and ear infections.

For more TTT, go see what Pam's talking about this week.

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Pam said...

Stop by anytime, not just when you've done a Thanks Tank! I miss chatting w/you, too. We need to set up a date on FB.

Great list today, btw.