Thursday, August 20, 2009

Thursday Thanks Tank

I'm getting ready to go up north for a few days with DaHubby and the kids so my mind is wandering to all the pluses we're anticipating...

I'm so thankful for the 17 years of friendship with a former fellow University of Michigan public safety officer who now dutifully and excellently serves the fine people of Colorado as a state trooper.

I'm thankful that he saw fit to allow me to keep keys to his family's cabin in the Upper Peninsula.

I'm thankful for the cabin's remoteness...the lack of running water is nothing compared to its peacefulness.

I'm thankful for its location which is "coincidentally" about 30 minutes from where DaHubby grew up and 25 miles from the Soo Locks. And, as a result, it provides us with endless entertainment as 600-1000+ foot Great Lakes freighters and "salties" make their way by upbound to various points of refilling.

I'm thankful that the Vikings get so geeked about making that last turn on the southern part of northbound I75 and scream "THERE'S THE MACK-NEE-AW BRIDGE!"

I'm thankful that DaHubby will get a couple days of "guys-only" enjoyment and relaxation before we all head north.

Finally, I'm trying to be thankful for what will turn out to be 8+ hour drive...LOL

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Heather @ Not a DIY Life said...

I do consider myself a camping-type person, but I don't know if I could handle no running water with a toddler. Maybe in a few years. It does sound like wonderful get-away for you - have fun!

Pam said...

Thanks for stopping by and thanks for your prayers. Sweetcheeks is feeling much better and enjoying a quiet day of reading, coupled with a little chicken noodle soup.

Loved your list. Hope you have a great time on your trip!