Thursday, August 6, 2009

Thursday Thanks Tank

Gonna have to be a little cryptic because I've really haven't been given the go-ahead to share all the details but I have a very special TTT today.

Someone in the family has been diagnosed with cancer. This is the third person in 4 years. In this case, it is uterine cancer. While a diagnosis of cancer is not something my extended family takes lightly, I am still thankful for God's hand in the events so far...

Yes, it's cancer but there's two kinds of uterine cancer: one relatively easy to treat and one that's scarier. This person has the first.

Yes, she's looking at major surgery next week but if the cancer is contained within the lining - which her doctor anticipates it is - and no cancer has made an appearance in her surrounding lymph nodes, there will be no radiation and no chemo! Praise God!

So, we are praying for a good result, good findings, and a quick recovery from Monday's surgery!

And, praising God for the right doctors and the right circumstances that brought this all together!

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