Saturday, August 15, 2009

Block Party Success

With about a 33% turnout for the first mini-block party in 8 years on this street (and the first since DaHubby and I arrived in 2005), I'm declaring it a success! I also have two new friends on Facebook - two of my neighbors! LOL

Some meet-and-greet at the beginning...

In the shade with my house in the background...

The dinner spread...

Thanks to everyone who pitched in - especially those that brought the tables and chairs and everyone's AWESOME food!

Thank you Dr. Peet and family for hanging out with us (one of the doctor's offices on the corner) as well as some neighbors on the street where our block ends.

And, we will be visiting one neighbor where she works (the children's section of the public library the next town north os us) probably sometime before school starts!

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