Friday, August 21, 2009

7 Quick Takes Friday

As I opened my Bloglines account recently after a week of neglect, I found over 350 blog posts to read. Many are my frugal sites with lists of deals, coupson, and freebies. But, I have been incredibly fortunately to stumble onto some really gifted writers that make my "mommy brain" stop for second and reach for something more, the bigger things, on things above.

So for my 7 quick takes, here are seven of my favorite bigger-than-my daily-stuff blog writers:

Jen at Conversion Diary (and the host of 7 Quick Takes) - despite having left the Catholic Church of my youth, she talks about God, her conversion, and her interactions with her faith with the enthusiasm of a Pentecostal! LOL

Anita at Ask a Lutheran - she talks doctrine like no one I know. She's knows her stuff better and is better at explaining it than pastors I've met!

Karen at Growing in Grace is honest, open, transparent as a believer, church worker, and homeschoolin' mom.

Carmen at In The Open Space - she's thrills my English teacher heart by pulling the best "God talk" out of modern media.

Heather at Not a DIY Life - she inspires me to put more God into my everyday things. Her faith is intertwined in all she does and it shows.

Pam at Without Fear - she also inspires me with her daily walk and her thankfulness.

L-Jay at My Little Norway - a fellow Scandinavian adoptee through marriage! LOL While I married DaHubby (a Yooper of Swedish descent), she went even farther and married a full-blooded Norwegian and moved to Norway! LOL Her blog is a delight of photos and insight of learning and living a new culture.

For more Quick Takes, stop by Jen's bloggy home.


Unashamed said...

Thank you for the compliment Beth! *blush*

Heather @ Not a DIY Life said...

I'm blushing too. Thank you, Beth. Your sweet words mean so much to me.

Pam said...

Thanks so much, Beth. You are precious, and I am honored to have made your list. The blush is sweeping far and wide today!