Sunday, August 9, 2009

Contemplating Simplicity

While browsing through one of DaHubby's favorite magazines, I found this book listed in a set of recommendations from the folks who generally read it.

Voluntary Simplicity was originally written in 1981 and apparently was considered quite a landmark for those looking to step back, simplify, and work towards less consumable and more sustainable lifestyles.

Now, I've made the stereotypical and generational swing from liberal young person to conservative older person. I was very interested and followed Sierra Club and Amnesty International and the like in college. I was a moderate "tree hugger" in terms of the environment. As I have (hopefully gracefully) aged, my beliefs and political leanings have changed dramatically. And, as we can see in any given day in the media, there's still MUCH polarization between the two extremes of the political spectrum.

But, while this is written from a definite "tree hugger" mentality, I think it is a very well balanced middle road and also very relevant now as our economy is shuddering from the results of overconsumption.

I haven't finished the book yet but I AM thinking about my responsiblities to my family and the earth and this book is opening my eyes up to other things we can do to simplify and enrich our lives without all the media, technology, and consumerism. And, how my heart was right about limiting all the comsumerism aimed at the Vikings.

More to come...


sara said...

Here is the first of 3 blog posts by Randy Alcorn addressing environmental conservation and the Christian. It's very good. I'd love to know your thoughts.

sara said...

Here are parts two and three: