Friday, August 7, 2009

7 Quick Takes Friday

It just occurred to me as I was laying in bed about to fall back asleep that we're leaving in about 5 hours for a 3-day road trip and I have *nothing* packed and three blog posts to write to keep up with my one-post-a-day promise for August! LOL Way to wake a girl up!

So, I've been wanting to jump in with 7 Quick Takes with Jen over at Conversion Diary but manage to always forget. So, here's my first installment...

1. Last weekend, we took the kids to the Healthworks kids' museum in South Bend. Smaller than we expected but fun. What's better that 3 foot tall eyeballs to a preschooler? LOL We saw a display from these folks and can't WAIT to see what they have in store for their new installation at OUR local kids' museum's new annex to be finished next summer!

2. We're headed to the Detroit area this weekend for this event. My hometown showcasing her finest.

3. I can't stop looking at these photo albums here and here from my friend and her family who are co-serving with Wycliffe Bible Translators and Lutheran Bible Translators. I'm just fascinated with their lives and their work with a group in Papua New Guinea.

4. I'm being haunted by a KitchenAid mixer. I have a brand new, still in box, never been used Kitchen Aid mixer that I have listed on the local MOMS Club message board, Ebay, and Craig's List. Guess I should take it as a hint that this little baby wants to remain here in my home.

5. Have I mentioned the AWESOME deal I got on a used iPod? Yes, I finally gave in and swallowed my PC pride and bought an Apple product. My 3rd or 4th Handspring/Palm product in the last 9 years was starting to show signs of crashing. That is a VERY bad thing since my ADD allows me to NEVER keep the smallest detail in my working memory for longer than 3-5 seconds (LOL). Most of my information-keeping life is on that Palm.

Anyway, a non-techie mom in my MOMS Club group with a Apple-freak for a hubby had an 8G 1st generation iPod that she needed to find a new home for since her hubby upgraded her to an iPhone (a nice gift for someone who ISN'T a techie *eyes rolling* but it's all about the love language, ya know? LOL). So at about 50% the current list price, I have a brand-new-to-me iPod Touch! *squeal* And, what did I ever do without one?

6. Confession time - in the few minutes of "momma TV time" I get, I've been revisiting an old addiction...on! LOL Old episodes of The Pretender! I dont' know why exactly that show then and now captures my I-need-some-brain-candy-for-a-moment imagination but it still does! LOL I'm done with season one and working through season two now.

7. Finally, next week is finals week for the spring/summer semester for DaHubby. He had FIVE classes which were so hard that the college and his program agreed that it was too hard to jam everything they needed to know into the traditional 7-week condensed spring and then 7-week condensed summer semester so they took the courses the "usual" way over the 14 weeks. And, can I say...I am SO glad this semester is nearly over?! It has been (by far) the worst one yet. My poor hubby has been run ragged with job shadowing shifts, a capstone paper, and three additional classes in things I can't even pronounce all while working 24-40 hours a week.

Well, that's it! If you'd like to see more examples of 7 Quick Takes, stop by Jen's today!

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