Friday, July 25, 2008

What makes you shine?

As a mom with little ones, I hear often "you need to take time for yourself...pamper yourself once in a while..." and on and on. And, while I don't necessarily disagree, I think it is an individual thing - as most things are.

I'm often stumped by moms who insist on keeping up with mani/pedi schedules, hair cut/color routines, gym memberships, or mom-only solo clothes shopping. Not that those things are "bad" but they are just not me.

With Flicka four years old and counting, I'm still struggling with what is something I like to do when I have time to myself. Lately, it's napping or reading! LOL Neither of which really bring much of a sense of pride like those girly things can that I listed above.

But, a thought struck me this morning as I was sitting on the porch watching the kids play. I was ripping out a hem I screwed up on a dress I'm making for Flicka and it hit me!

I may be "sloppy". I cut my own hair - some of which is starting to turn slightly gray at the temples. Most of my clothes fit poorly. I couldn't tell you the last time I bought myself clothes - I generally wear gifts from my mom or my MIL's cast-offs. Clothes just aren't my thing. I only wear make-up once a week...on Sundays for church. My feet are thick with callouses - a byproduct of very flat feet which hate shoes - and I'm a former nail biter who wears no nail polish.


I can make some kick-butt no bake cookies. I make a mean pepperoni/cheese bread. DaHubby loves my crab pasta recipe. And, I've discovered/created a *really* good Chinese noodle recipe lately. I used to teach Shakespeare to middle schoolers...and they ENJOYED it! LOL I'm getting to be an awesome frugal problem solver. I have kept us on or under budget for groceries for over 10 months. Per Dave Ramsey, I now balance our checkbook within 72 hours of receiving our bank statement. After being told when I was in high school that I couldn't carry a tune, I am so honored to be singing on the platform each Sunday at church. I've been making some cool dishtowel purses. And, I take great pride in making those dresses and shorts for the kids.

Where some moms choose their pampering sessions to feel better about themselves, I think my "love language" so to speak to feel good about myself is being creative as well as being useful and needed by making things with love for my family.

I've always felt the misfit. I've never felt like I fit in with my peers very well. Just in the last few years, I feel like I'm finally hit my stride! LOL Not bad for turning 40 this year! *wink* But, those skills make me smile and I feel like I *shine* doing them.

So, what makes you shine?


Lori said...

I think my SHINING comes from simple things with the kids. Last night we laughed until our sides hurt while we attempted to teach the kids how to "walk on their hands". Smores over a fire pit in the back yard, the kids running through the sprinkler...that does it for me. I also love to stretch a buck - and get great satisfaction in passing my tips for steals and deals onto friends and family.
Say, hows about giving up those recipes you spoke of? They all sound YUMMY!

sara said...

Beth, you are so cool. I think it's great that the things you are good at, the things that make you feel good about yourself, the things which give you healthy self-esteem, are actual accomplishments rather than something as one dimensional as just "being pretty." I have nothing against pretty per se, but I think it's also a great legacy for Flicka who is going to see that a woman's worth, a PERSON's worth, is not in their appearance. Good for you.

Granny Tina said...

Seeing my 3 adult daughters living sucessful happy lives makes me shine. Yes Beth! You do make me shine(!!!) right to the core of my soul. You and your beautiful family. Love you with all my heart!!! So proud!!! Can you picture me plumping out my proud feathers?? LOL!!!!

GiBee said...

Being creative is what makes me shine too!!!

I really take pride in things I make by hand -- especially if they were frugal things. I think that it gives me a much stronger sense of accomplishment and pride when I can say... "I made it!"

Anonymous said...

I challenge you to a no-bake cookie contest....grrrr! (and I call them