Thursday, July 31, 2008

A pregnancy update

I'm keeping another blog to document what I'm assuming will be my last pregnancy. It's not intended for promotion and/or high volume traffic but it isn't meant to be exactly "secret" either. It's just not written with public consumption in mind - no witty anecdotes, little thought of format, mostly written in free-form "bullets" of thought, occasionally some info that might be "TMI", etc. Didn't want to inundate this blog with all my worries and anxious musings.

Anyway, here's an excerpt from my entry last night that describes my first OB appt yesterday:

Well, I had my OB history appt today. Very anti-climatic. An hour of "let's play 100 questions about your private life, your female reproductive system, and every genetic disease know to mankind". Then, seven...yes, SEVEN...vials of blood.

Our OB practice is down a doc so the practice's competition across town is covering them one night a week and one weekend a month 'til further notice. *eyes rolling* So, I could get a complete stranger delivering Böna! Nice.

And, they have a nurse practitioner in there in the meantime. Hope she's better than the midwife from when I was pregnant with Flicka.

Oh, and if we want the ultrasound next week (which used to be "standard") we have to pay out of pocket...$250! *sigh*

Good news? They have a 3D machine but don't charge it as such since they can't always get the pretty pictures everyone expects.

$250 doesn't sound too bad at this point just for peace of mind.

Next week is my first actual exam where I'll probably get any hinky results from the blood tests. And, I was just thinking I would probably trade them that ultrasound for that Doppler wand thingy so at least I can hear Böna's heartbeat to set my fears and anxieties to rest that all is well.

Well, that's it: 8 weeks down, 32 to go! LOL

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Anonymous said...

CONGRATULATIONS! I am so happy for you and glad to have caught this post...looking forward to any future updates you may want to post...*nudge*