Saturday, July 26, 2008

A financial peace update

Kinda short and sweet - but wanted to update because I'll be renovating and/or removing our Dave Ramsey banner section in the right column soon. Just wanted folks to know that we aren't off the proverbial wagon but we will be on a DR-approved rabbit trail so to speak for the next 9 months. LOL


The kinda-but-not-really bad news? We will be stopping our gazelle intensity debt snowball payments until further notice.

When we discovered we were pregnant again this month, one of our top 10 first thoughts were "what in the world will this do to paying off our debt?"

We thought we remembered hearing about what to do if you find yourself pregnant during your baby step 2 phase and we found our confirmation at DR's site:

"When you’re pregnant, then stop the debt snowball and pile up the cash...If you have a bunch of cash saved up and you have a baby and everything’s all right, you can put that money back on the debt snowball. It’s still debt snowball baby unless you needed it for the baby."

So, from August until next March when I'm due, our monthly debt snowball payment will be going into our savings. National City, the student loan, and the mini-van payments will just have to chug along at minimums until then.

While this is actually good news (the pregnancy and that we have the money freed up and it will be saved up to pay CASH for what we pray is a normal hospital delivery, etc.), we didn't want anyone to misread my changing of our debt payoff display.

We are on track, still gazelle intense...just pointed in a slightly different direction until spring!


Jamie said...

Congrats on baby #3. I swear you just telling me you were on the fence about it, lol. Is your m/s bad this time around? Mine was.

And congrats on paying down the debt. That's awesome.

Anonymous said...

YAY!!! No more Capitol One! congrats!