Saturday, July 26, 2008

My new toy!

Well, we don't do much impulse shopping anymore - thanks to Dave Ramsey! LOL You don't pay off over $16K in debt like we have without retraining yourself for NO MORE IMPULSE BUYS!

However... *big grin* Sometimes a deal is JUST TOO GOOD to pass up! LOL Plus, we were still able to pay cash!

Look at what we found at Goodwill today for $12.50!!!

The last Saturday of each month most Goodwill stores have everything in their store priced 50% off. This little number was marked $25 and was an answer to prayer!

The sewing machine I'm currently using is getting a little finicky - as most things do when they hit "antique" status! *wink* It's working but has occasional, unexplained stoppages that are a bit frustrating when it takes a mom several days to set aside an hour or two for productive sewing time.

This new guy on the block runs like a charm (DaHubby's already oiled it up) and only needed a new light bulb. The Goodwill staff were shocked - not only do they normally NOT accept sewing machines but what machinery they get very rarely come with manuals. And, this new guy not only had a manual and all the requisite attachments but a second set of button hole gear as well!

All for $12.50, people!

An answer to prayer I tell ya! *big smile*


sara said...

Wow! Great deal!

thediaperdiaries said...

Well, I think even DR would approve :)

Thursday's Child said...

Mabrook on your new addition! (The mechanical one for $12.50-LOL) I'm jealous. I miss my Viking back home.

GiBee said...

It certainly is a big God wink! He's taking care of you!