Thursday, July 31, 2008

Are YOU ready?

Garbage bags? Check.
Empty boxes? Check.
Ebay account up-to-date? Check.
Freecycle link re-discovered. Check.
A plan?

Not so much. LOL

Regardless, tomorrow is August 1st and it marks the beginning of the 100 Things Challenge. I had six of you show some interest in trying to see if you can find 100 things in your home over the next 31 days that you can either toss, recycle, give away, sell, or bless someone with!

I'm going to try to keep track somewhere in my right column of all we're purging around here. So, to keep it simple: On this post, make a comment if you are getting on board. Then, I'll post on Mondays for us to cheer each other on and see how far we get!

I don't know that we'll all make it to 100 but we WILL have the benefit of de-cluttering and perhaps increase the amount of peacefulness in our homes. Plus, hopefully, we'll take a break from any habits that cause us to conspicuously consume and indiscriminately bring more stuff into our homes we don't really need.

Will you join me?


Anonymous said...

Count me in! We're not allowed to freecycle to each other, right? LOL ;) I have somewhat of a plan, so here's to eliminating! ~ Melanie

Allena said...

wow, i'll be watching what you guys get "rid" of!

i'm so not ready btw! LOL maybe next time

Sam said...

This is a very good idea, I so need to get rid of stuff in my house, do count me in!!

Shelby said...

I'm in, so is one of my sister's, so I will report for both of us. I'm excited to participate, even though I do purge consistently. I am doing a lot of E-Baying, mostly for my mother, but I have sold some things of my own as well. Here's to "giving away", "selling", and "pitching"!!!

Anonymous said...

The Rushing's are IN!!! Even the kids are ready to start! We will be excited to see how long it takes us.

Dina said...

Oh I'm in too, this is a great idea at the perfect time for me. We are moving to a smaller apartment for the time being until we find a house we like and am in the process of packing plus i need to say no to stuff we do not use. I have never sold on e-bay so I will see how it's done.

barrellfullofmonkeys said...

I'm in! I'll be starting with a bang tomorrow :) Unfortunately, we also start school this week, so I won't have as much purge time as I'd really like to have.

Kathy D.