Wednesday, July 30, 2008

BiblicalWomanhood e-book sale blowout and one of my favorite fugal sites - - are both maintained by Crystal Paine. Crystal not only keeps both these blogs up but (among other things) also is an author of several e-books to help, educate, and encourage moms and wives who are trying to stretch a dollar, be a good steward of God's provision, and run a God-pleasin' home.

Crystal is running a special sale TODAY ONLY. You can get over $100 worth of her resources for $5.97!! The list below is what you will receive (all resources are by Crystal unless indicated otherwise):

Supermarket Savings 101: Learn How To Drastically Reduce Your Grocery Bill! ($17.97 value!)

Simple Tips for Successful Home Management - Volume 1 ($5.97 value!)

What to Do While Waiting for Prince Charming: Encouraging Young Women and Their Parents in the Incredible Potential and Possibilities for Unmarried Women ($3.97 value!)

What My Parents Did Right: Encouragement for Weary Parents from a Grateful Homeschool Graduate ($3.97 value!)

A Proper Tea ($6.97 value!) by Mrs. Kelli Wilt

Make Your Own -Simple Crafts and Decorating ($6.97 value!) by Mrs. Kelli Wilt

Simply Centsible Breakfasts ($4.97 value!)

How to Start Your Own Business ($15.97 value!)

Menu Planning Made Easy! ($5.97 value!) by Sheri Graham

Homegrown Business ($15.97 value!) by Jesse and Crystal Paine

In Good Season: Autumn ($6.97 value!) by Mrs. Kelli Wilt

The Bread by Hand eBook ($4.97 value!) by Kimberly Eddy

Momma's Guide to Growing Your Groceries ($7.97 value!) by Kimberly Eddy

Simply Centsible Suppers ($4.97 value!)

Thriving on One Income ($7.97 value!) by Kimberly Eddy

Please go to Crystal's summer sale link here to order. Just using Crystal's advice from has saved us hundreds of dollars in the last year on groceries and necessities. While I don't own these resources, I highly recommend Crystal and her ministry! Please consider spending the $5.97. You won't be disappointed!

If you can't get there today (Wednesday), on Thursday it'll be $8.97, on Friday it'll be $11.97...after Friday midnight, the sale will be gone! Go! NOW! Really - I mean it! *wink*

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