Monday, July 14, 2008

A Viking take on minimizing

I don't believe in coincidences much anymore. Been a believer long enough now to know better. I read this article in Time sometime in the last few weeks and have been mulling it over...and came up with an reverse. Let me explain.

The young man in the piece is talking about fighting consumer over-consumption by purging his personal belongings down to only 100 things. That's right...he wants to own only 100 things. Take a look around where you are sitting right now and consider how quickly 100 things can add up. LOL

Yet, while I support his idea of fighting the over-consumption machine that barrels through our media messages ("buy more, buy bigger, buy newer, buy on *deserve* it!"), the 100 Thing Challenge is a little strict and hopelessly optimistic for a 40-year-old mom with two kids under 5 and another on the way.

But, I do want to battle my worldly urges to find happiness or whatever else in buying stuff. And, to fight clutter in my home, get rid of what I don't need, and make a more peaceful home. So, when this post popped up today on my Bloglines account, it confirmed the idea that's been brewing in my head.

While I need another blog carnival like a hole in the head (LOL), Minimizing Mondays motivated me to divulge my own unique turn on the 100 Thing Challenge to all of you. Instead of paring down to 100 things total, how 'bout giving away, selling, and purging 100 things from my home!?

Would anyone like to join me?

How about the month of August? Can we each try to purge 100 things from our homes in 31 days? Do you think you could find about 3 things a day to sell, pitch, recycle, or bless someone with? Even if you don't think you could hit 100, would you like to try and see how close you can come? LOL (Added later: Notice in the comments that I have the encouragement of the 100 Things Challenge creator! How cool is THAT!?)

If you think you'd like to do this with me, start spreading the word. I've got so much Life coming up on the horizon - homeschooling starting back up in September, the holidays, Böna's arrival in March - so it's now or never! LOL

If I get enough folks interested, I'll make up a little button and host a Mr. Linky post August 1, August 31, and each Monday in August. It's up to you...are YOU ready?


Anonymous said...

I'm not sure how much I'll actually post, but I'm up for the challenge. I can stand to get rid of 100 things (or more!). Sign me up! ~ Melanie

Dave Bruno said...

I love it. This is a great idea to take the challenge one month at a time.

barrellfullofmonkeys said...

I'm in! I feel like I'm constantly purging things around here. I'll be interested to see if I reach 100 :)

Great idea!

Tara said...

I like this idea! I'm planning a garage sale, so can the 100 things go to a garage sale (still purging, but with profit)..does that count? (my debt snowball needs the snowflake help)

Anonymous said...


I am with you. I will try to ask everyone (hubby & kids) to try as well. Imagine letting 400 items go???~Carolyn

Shelby said...

I think it's a GREAT idea. I am constantly challenged knowing that nearly every trip into the house we are carrying something in. Unfortunalty, we don't carry something out everytime we leave, so...logic tells me we need to purge.
My sister's and I have spent the summer purging my mother's house of a lifetime of "stuff" (most of it worthless), and we have found it to be very liberating and rewarding! Anything of value that she does not need/use I have been selling on E-Bay for her. Today over lunch I told my mom & sis' of your Purge 100 items Challenge. One sister said she does not want to report, but to "count her in". Mother jokinly reported that she has already met your challenge. August is crazy for me (back to work after a two month sabatical-- gearing up for a new school year), but every month is a flurry of activity, so there is no time like the present.

Marcia said...

Hey cool. Between your declutter challenge and mine, let's get the blogosphere decluttered.

I can't wait to crown the Decluttering Queen!

Marcia from Organising Queen (and Clutter Control Freak)

lula7 said...

Count me in too! Looks like I signed up just in time.