Thursday, July 31, 2008

Thursday Thanks Tank

I'm ashamed to admit how hard a week this has been for me. Despite there being really nothing of note going wrong, I've been on the negative side of everything all week. Not feeling particularly good amplifies the problem. Snapping at the Vikings and crabby with DaHubby. Unmotivated for meals and housework. Excessively tired and grumbly about anyone who interrupts sleep or a quick cat nap. What makes it worse is that I *know* it's simply a state of mind that I could change if I chose to but it's been easier to whine.

Very different from the wonderful, glory-filled Sunday morning service we had last weekend. *sigh*

So, I'm deliberately and consciously participating in Thursday Thanks Tank this week. I need to list all that's going right so I can quit focusing on what's NOT going right. So, today I'm particularly thankful for...

  • air conditioning LOL Morning sickness and hot weather not a good combo for me.
  • that Lisa and Jamie (my two bloggy friends in CA) rode out their recent quake without incident
  • bed linens that have been dried on an outside line
  • care packages from my mom for the Vikings
  • my best friend of 30+ years who lives in northern Michigan, Lisa
  • the "cute-ness" of the Vikings recent obsession with watching bugs
  • recent discussions about TAKING A VACATION - not we just have to make a choice! LOL
  • a hubby who suggested spreading cayenne pepper in the path of invading ants
  • church friends who watched the Vikings while I went to the doctor yesterday
  • the stocking up of diapers I did with the "free Walgreens diaper deal" last week
  • (this one is a stretch) my morning sickness which tells me that despite my anxieties about something being wrong that I'm likely very much pregnant still
  • my awesome Goodwill deal last Saturday
  • a hubby who practices his praise and worship music all week - soothes my soul
  • a nice surprise in winning a homeschool giveaway this week
  • in-laws who surprised us with a casserole to try (new recipe) and some strawberies last night
  • the amazing opportunity to live where I do - one of the most beautiful places in MI, but I'm a little bias! LOL
  • the fact that despite the sudden change in priorities in our finances that all is well
  • for a garden that is going BONZAI with zucchini and cukes soon to be followed by peppers and tomatoes!
Well, I was going to go on but I hear the Vikings in need of refereeing due to mutual combat. LOL But, I feel better already.

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Denise said...

Bless you for being thankful sweetie, even when you are having a bad week.

Tracey said...

Ahh...those dreaded "blah" weeks. All it takes is a little Thankful Thursday love to hopefully get you out of the dull drums.
Happy day...great list!!! :)

Lisa said...

Hey Girl! I'm thankful for you!! Glad that you are willing to look at the good things. Not everyone does that, you know! Oops, was that negative? (probably!)

Hugs to you,