Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Tuesday Tip Jar

I dug this out of my Works for Me Wednesday archives because my brain is completely consumed by planning for our should-be-six-but-with-kids-it-will-be-eight-hour trip to the Upper Peninsula on Friday. LOL

So, we're struggling around here lately with Pojke and Round Two of "which shoes go on which feet?" So, I tried the same idea with him as I did with Flicka.

I took a permanent marker and drew two small smiley faces on each of the arch areas/ inside edges of the soles of his shoes. Then, I told him that when he put his shoes on to make sure that the smiley faces were facing each other so they could "kiss" and say goodbye before we left! LOL

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Grandmother Wren said...

Great idea -
Very clever of you!

Enjoy your trip (once you get there...)

Rebecca said...

I agree, very clever!! I never thought to mark the shoes in any way - grabbing my Sharpie now!

Happy Tuesday!