Thursday, June 18, 2009

Thursday Thanks Tank

I've been trying to focus on my pastor's message last Sunday that I've gotta praise my way through and be a son/daughter of Judah. So, I've been making a point each day to praise Him for the things I come across in my daily travels. But, with it being Thursday and all, here's my "official" list for today! LOL

*great teachers at Flicka's dance camp - she's having a ball! Can't wait to see all she's learned tomorrow!

*great "camp counselors" at our city's summer rec program. Flicka's been the last two days and has had a blast.

*a sweet church buddy who loaned us her 6-year-old's ballet tights and shoes for Flicka's dance camp...which saved me much worry and much money!

*Pastie Day 2009. Over 300 pasties made with the extended female Viking crew in a 24 hour period and at $3.50 each that's over $1000 raised for this year's Relay For Life!

*Speaking of Relay For Life, can I get a praise-the-Lord that my sister-in-law is now 398 days post stem cell transplant and 314 days CANCER-FREE!?

*And, speaking of the extended female Viking crew, I have me some AWESOME sisters-in-law!

*And, remembering my Celtic side, I have me some pretty cool little sisters as well...both of whom I pray for often.

*our library's (and the library-the-next-town-over's) summer reading program. They have just ROCKED out an amazing schedule of cool stuff to do this summer with the kids.

*a BIG praise that DaHub's got put back up to 40 hrs/week...financially it's great news but scholastically it's a lot more pressure.

*a new battery for the minivan seems to have cured a plethora of nagging little problems (thank you emergency fund!) Now, if I could just keep the tires from developing slow leaks! Grrr.

*someone from church who wishes to remain anonymous blessed Pojke (and us) by buying him his first big-boy bike!

*I was incredibly blessed by a concert I attended last Friday by The King's Brass at a local church. It's the second time I've seen them and they're even better than last year!

*and, finally, I was thrilled with the turnout for our block party meeting last Saturday. As the one spearheading this, it's always more encouraging when someone actually CARES enough to show up! LOL Can't wait to see what August 15th holds in store!

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Meredith@MerchantShips said...

Looks like you have a lot to be cheerful about! I need to make a little list of my own : )