Wednesday, June 17, 2009

In 12 Minutes

In the twelve minute drive from our home to dance camp this morning, I was asked ALL of the following...

Mom, where does weather come from?

Mom, where does rain come from?

Where do garbage trucks go after they pick up our junk?

What's recycling?

Why does a bee sting hurt?

Then, why does a mosquito bite itch?

Mom, what do bees eat?

What do butterflies eat?

*sigh* Who would've thunk I would need an advanced degree in meteorology, ecology, environmental sciences, and entomology to drive from one end of town to the other? LOL


sara said...

Oh Beth you know I can relate. We get those all the time. And almost always in the car!

We started Sonlight grade K and finally I know how to answer some of these! It's like their little brains come up with the questions faster than they can learn the answers!

sara said...

oh and you haven't gotten, "Where does poop go?" yet so consider yourself lucky. :)

Christina said...

You're currently earning your degree in "Mom-ology". This highly advanced degree is like a quadruple major with a minor is everything else. I hear it is often found in combination with a "Doctor of Mom-ology", which covers anything medical.

Good are not alone.