Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Tuesday Tip Jar

I almost feel silly sharing this one because it's such a "duh" in a way but it has made a BIG difference in the former battling over getting Flicka dressed.

Flicka, in complete opposite of her mother, is showing signs of being a major clothes horse fashion maven. And, the already-present chorus each day of "but I have nothing pretty to wear" from a five-year-old is wearing thin about 8 years prior to when I expected to first hear it.

Flicka is also, thanks to her father, 50% Yooper. LOL So, this girl thinks she NEVER needs a jacket, shoes, long sleeves, or pants until snow flies.

As a result, all those nice snuggly and/or gorgeous long sleeve shirts that her grandmas and aunties buy? Wasting away in her dresser.

Sooooo...this past week, Flicka and I came to a mutual solution. Cut the sleeves off the long-sleeve shirts and DOUBLE her wardrobe possibilites!

Now, I am a ROOKIE seamstress. I've never read the instructions to my 40+ year old hand-me-down machine and, at this point, I only use white thread (too hard to load and change bobbins) and sew straight lines! LOL However, I've cut and hemmed (is it still a hem if it is on a sleeve? LOL) a half dozen shirts in the last week and we're both THRILLED!

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Jennifer said...

I love it!

Rebecca said...

I have to admit, I wouldn't have thought to cut the sleeves. Brilliant!