Thursday, June 4, 2009

Thursday Thanks Tank

I am DETERMINED to get this posted today! LOL I've sketched out notes on my to-do list during the last 3-4 Thursdays while I'm running errands, sitting at classes, playing at the park, waiting at appointments, etc. intending to type something out "later" but they never seem to make it back here to the blog. And, with all that's going on around here lately, it's hard to make a list that would make sense and isn't filled with seemingly non-sequitur-like things. But, I'm just gonna jump in with both feet and go for it.

I'm thankful for DaHubby's hard work and for making the President's List (all A's) for winter semester.

I'm thankful that despite it taking him away from us even more that his program administrators feel DaHubby's such an excellent student that they're paying him to tutor his classmates.

I'm thankful that DaHubby still seems completely enamored with his new field of study - even after a really hard and demanding first year. One year down; one year to go.

I'm extremely thankful for a new little gadget that DaHubby installed on the minivan that keeps me safe from a malfunctioning battery that can now be replaced more on our schedule as opposed to as an emergency event.

I'm thankful that nearly all of my recent blood work came back completely normal...including a 184 cholesterol score and a great thyroid score! (Thyroid problems annoy every generation of females in my family.)

I am choosing to be thankful that despite a heartbreaking emotional roller coaster between a possible pregnancy, premature menopause, or something possibly more grave that my body's recent malfunction brought some relatively minor issues to light that can be addressed with some moderate lifestyle changes.

I'm VERY thankful to the doctor hubby of a MOMS Club friend who has been a voice of calm, patience, encouragement, and reason this week.

I'm choosing to be thankful that despite DaHubby's hours once again being cut to part-time that he still has a job - unlike many in our community who do not.

I'm thankful that no one in our immediate family is ill or has had a hospital visit lately unlike so many hospitalizations (including an emergency angioplasty and a discovered brain aneurysm) as well as two deaths in our church family recently.

I'm (trying to be) thankful (LOL) for the $10/piece garage sale 10-speed bikes that DaHubby acquired last month. While I'm about 80 pounds heavier than the last time I rode a bike, it's something we can do together with the kids plus it has had the added benefit of significantly less gas use for Goldilocks (our Ford Focus) since DaHubby is riding is bike to his classes as often as our crazy Michigan spring weather allows it.

So, what are YOU thankful for this week? Stop by Pam's place and see what she's been thankful for recently.

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Mandy said...

Great list! It is sometimes hard to be thankful...but you're doing good! :D