Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Tuesday Tip Jar

The sand table we built a few weeks ago has been a big success. But, there was still one problem...custom sandboxes don't come with a cover. And, a cover is important in a neighborhood with cats *ahem* LOL

As we were picking up the yard one day, I was emptying a small dollar store type blow-up pool that my mom sent to the Vikings. Now, I'm no expert and DaHubby will tell you I can't estimate size or length worth a darn (LOL) but I did notice something.

That $1 pool fit *right* over the sand table!

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Rebecca said...

We've been discussing doing a sand box type thing and I keep telling Hubby that it must have a cover to keep out neighborhood cats and such - this is a great idea!!! I love it!

Happy Tuesday!

CaraM said...

Those pools are great for covering lots of things in the yard!
Great Tip!