Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Tuesday Tip Jar

In our pre-Viking lives, DaHubby and I have been known to do our fair share of camping - particularly DaHubby's 7-10 day seriously rustic canoe trips through Minnesota's Boundary Waters. One of those trips was a tad less strenuous since he spent 7 days in a cabin with no phone, no TV, no running water and no other electricity with ME for our honeymoon! LOL

Our dream was to train up the Vikings with our love of camping. We haven't been particularly successful so far! LOL But, we're still looking at some camping trips around here soon. And, I was searching the ol 'Net looking for a "recipe" for the firestarters my best friend told me about years ago. I found it but I found something else cool as well:

Girl Scout Sterno

"I was a girl scout and we made our own 'sterno' cans with some old candle wax- or paraffin- and some coiled up corrugated cardboard- recycled- and placed inside an old tuna can. Light a match and catch the cardboard on fire with it and viola! you have FREE sterno- we made the cook top part with a recycled coffee can (large) turned upside down. The part that was removed to empty out the coffee grounds was now the bottom. With tin snips we cut a 'door' on the side of the open end of the can- used the bottom of the can- now the top- as a cooking surface- and a church key to punch some triangle shaped holes in the side under the lip of the cooking surface to vent. Worked awesome!"

Dryer Lint Fire Starters

"If you want to pack away some firestarters for camping or ‘just in case’ you get stuck in the bush when backpacking or biking, fill the holes of an empty egg carton with sawdust, or dryer lint, or fabric scraps. Pour melted wax over each and let cool. Store in sealed ziploc bags."

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Rebecca said...

I'm suddenly feeling the need to get outdoors!

Thanks for the tips. :)

Happy Tuesday!

Grandmother Wren said...

Your tips bring back memories of the days when I was a girl scout camper, and later - a girl scout leader.

Thanks for reminding me that it's time to start making some new memories by camping with my almost-old-enough-to-be-a-scout-herself granddaughter!

Nicole said...

Many Girl Scout leaders call the coffee can cooktop a hobo stove and it works great for making ham/cheese sandwiches and all sorts of warm meals. I just took my Outdoor Leader Training so I can take my Girl Scout troop outdoor camping.

You can also make a box oven lined with aluminum foil and cook pizza, etc. Sooo much fun!