Friday, August 1, 2008

Small, sweet moment

Did this with Flicka when she was 2 but just haven't had it on my mind lately re: Pojke. It took "Miss Jane", our Parents as Teachers parent educator, to do this simple activity/evaluation at our home visit this afternoon to remind me again about the small sweet things:

the small sweet Vikings themselves, their little hands, their soon-growing bodies, and their ever-expanding minds.

If you are interested, the poem reads:

Sticky little fingers
Touching all the walls
Smudgy little fingerprints
From a child so small

It seems the cleaning's never done
But soon the small child's grown
And no more little fingerprints
Will decorate your home.

So save a little hand print
So you can recall,
Just how sweet your child's hand looked
When it was very small.

1 comment:

Kelly - PTT said...

That is so sweet!! You'll be so happy you did this, down the road...