Monday, August 11, 2008

10 days down; 21 days to go

August is one-third gone already! Can you believe it?

While I've been focused on other issues here at home, I think I'm ready to play catch-up this week as I put my house back together after several days of slack housekeeping while snuggling with DaHubby and the Vikings.

While I have only purged on item, I have several nooks and crannies to tackle this week. I've been inspired and motivated by my IRL friend Melanie who's participating so, not to be outdone, I MUST get moving! LOL

So, how is everyone else doing? What items have you cleaned out, given away, donated, or tossed?


Anonymous said...

I'm working hard! LOL We were gone camping this weekend but on the way home I made a list on the back of a bank envelope (LOL) of everything I could list on Freecycle. Plus I have a list of stuff to sell. You'll catch up, I'm sure of it. :) ~ Melanie

Shelby said...

I have sold six items on E-bay (shipped the last one out this morning), plus I have donated 12 items to our local Goodwill store (which benefits the needy), and gave a set of four chairs (outdoor furniture) to my son for his front porch. So...that makes a total of 22 items thus far. Loving this!!! Will step it up, I want to make my goal of 100 items before Sept 1.

My sister (whom I am reporting for) mother in-law passed away a couple of weeks ago. Because she was her constant caretaker she is now able to devote time to her own home. She is going through her entire house, and reported that she loaded her car trunk with 99 misc items and clothing (between her own home and her mother in-law's) that she is taking to a church mission in Pittsburgh Pa. She also donated all of her mother in-laws two peice sweat/jogging suits to the nursing home my father was in. These outfits were in very good conditon, and because there are no buttons, zippers, or snaps, are easy to get on/off, and up/down with ease.

Unashamed said...

I'm not even counting in the stuff that we took to the dump last week after cleaning out the shed and garage! That would be over 100 right there!

So far 2 bags of clothes, 1 set of old curtains, and a bolt of material have gone to Value Village (kinda like Goodwill). I also cleaned out my pantry and took a whole bag of canned food/boxed food to church for the foodbank.

This week I'm planning on going through my CDs and movies to see if there are any I can give away or maybe even sell.

barrellfullofmonkeys said...

Things have been CRAZY around here, so I only have my first day give aways (7) to report. We gave our crib, along with its sheets and mattress pads to friends at church who are due in two weeks and couldn't afford a crib, etc.! It was such a joy :)

Kathy D.