Saturday, August 23, 2008

Oh, and did I mention the first car wash?

The Vikings have been bugging. me. constantly. about going through a drive-thru car wash. Told them it cost money and it was too expensive of an extravagence. But, if THEY wanted to pay for it, I would be *glad* to do it. Well, they called my bluff. A $20 fill-up by me and $2 discounted car wash fee and $1 each from the Vikings later (nice way to spend their hard earned allowence), the first car wash...

Antic.......ipation of the spray

Pojke looking a little worried

Group shot

You'd have thought it was a ride at Disney! LOL My kids apparently are too sheltered! LOL


sara said...

Flicka looks absolutely mesmerized. Get that kid a lava lamp.

Thursday's Child said...

I used to cry my way through them. Then after they got rid of them in our town and we could watch from a window, I started to miss being able to ride in them.