Monday, August 11, 2008

More good news from Chicago!

My niece posted a little bit ago about Peggy's follow-up dr appt today in Chicago:

"Hello all this is Marla. Mom and Dad just called they are on their way home from Chicago and I was asked to please do a Post and let you know that the last of the Bone Morrow Results are in. Mom’s Bone Morrow is 99% Donor (Uncle Joel's). Couldn’t get better than that. This means that 100% Donor would mean you’re cured so to speak and Mom is at a 99% So this is AWESOME news.. This is the Second piece of GREAT NEWS I have heard today so I do believe that we are truly Blessed as a family. And Thanks to Uncle Joel he has given Mom the best gift he ever could. I stand by what I said a couple months ago he (Uncle Joel) is our Angel here on earth!

I don’t think my Mom could be any Happier with the results today! One day at a time though even still. Slowly but surely we will all see her back they way she used to be. She is almost there now. She got clearance to Drive and now she is Never home…LOL… Oh well she deserves it. The Energizer Bunny is coming back I do believe… LOL.. I hope all of you have a Blessed Day!!

Love Always,

Thank you, Lord for this wonderful news and awesome blessing!

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