Friday, August 22, 2008

Things We've Been Doing Lately

A photo montage...LOL

A new haircut. Four inches cut off!

Eating tomatoes right out of the garden!

Cow kisses and the county fair (thanks Grandma P and Papa D!!)

And, a tour of our local Coast Guard station!!


Dina said...

Nice hair cut!! well done.

Ah there is nothing better than fresh tomatoes. I like fresh tomatoes and usually we get nice ones from our local veg man, but hey nothing better than growing your own.

Pam said...


Your hair looks great and I am sure is a refreshing change for you. So glad you're getting some yummy tomatoes from your garden.

The other activities look like a blast, too, but deliver me from any cow kisses, ick! Fun for Pojke though!

Have a restful weekend, friend.

Thursday's Child said...

Like the haircut! I'll pass on the tomatoes and I love cows. I miss ours. Well, except when they jump the fence and I have to go lure them back in with grain and I'm trying to keep from getting stepped on in their greed. {sigh}