Friday, August 22, 2008

Putting my little toe back in

I've been kinda dreading coming back to daily blogging. Don't even know where to start to get "caught up". So much is jumbled in our day-to-day lives right now. With the loss of Böna and a financial blessing for DaHubby along with the normal ups-and-downs and roller coaster life of raising preschoolers, there have been many waves on these Vikings waters lately.

But, as always, God provides.

He's provided family, church family, and friends (local, distant, and bloggy alike) who've been checking in on us regularly...bringing meals, hugs, gifts, cards, congratulations. prayers and their listening ears and holding us up during the last few weeks.

Thanks to all of you.

We've had the wagons circled and keeping to ourselves mostly. But, the fog is somewhat lifting. I'm feeling better physically with the exception of some lingering headaches. Emotionally, it is still rough when things are quiet and I'm alone but DaHubby's been beyond awesome at picking up the slack and picking me up on the bad days.

We've also been incredibly blessed this week by participating in a nearby revival at our Spanish-speaking sister church. And, have I mentioned before I'm uni-lingual? LOL It's been AWESOME regardless! And, the peace and healing gained from this suprising-at-least-to-me source is an example of God's amazing power.

And, there's an accumulating mountain of new challenges before us. DaHubby begins full-time school while still working full time in less than two weeks. He will be doing this for the next 6 semesters and will complete his training in May 2010.

And, I'm starting up our preschool homeschool again as DaHubby starts his first week of class. Flicka and I will be making some final choices today to order remaining curriculum over the weekend as DaHubby installs another two replacement windows for winter and I can a large plastic grocery bag of peaches. Oh, and did I mention that the garden's carrots are over an inch in diameter and I have 6-8 tomato plants nearly falling over with almost-ready-to-can goodness?

I guess I'm saying all this to say this: thank you to everyone who continued to check on us, pray for us, call us, come to see us, and offered help. We're doing better and we're on the mend!


Lady of Value said...

Hey Beth, so glad to hear your upbeat spirit. I continue to keep you and family in my prayers. God does provide, always.

Anonymous said...